You have 1 week of down time before the world of sports starts kicking you in the face again, and I CAN’T WAIT!

That’s right in the wake of Cheese Heads all over the country exploding in

ecstasy all at once; we are left with a void in our sports that just seems endless. For those who aren’t Hockey or Basketball I have great news for you.

In one week pitchers and catchers are scheduled to start to report to spring training, with all teams pitchers reporting by February, 17th. Not enough for you, the first televised Yankee preseason game 19 days away. (the Mets are 21 days away….hey at least it something). I’m pumped we are just under 2 months away from opening day with some spring training  in the middle.  For the first time in years the Yankees are under dogs going into the season. I’m so excited I’m gonna need to wear pampers for the week to avoid having to buy new jeans.

Given the only thing I get to watch is the Yankees big off season pick up Derek Jeter in a Yankees uniform (yup he was it). Possible rough season aside, baseball is king in Upstate New York, and the king is ready for the spot light.

So don’t be scared my degenerate sport fan brothers, we are one week away from watching baseball players stretch and spit and light toss, and remember Puxatony Phil did not see his shadow so spring is on it’s way.

Double remember for the Mets Fans, the Wilpons probably not own the team by the end of the year, so you got that going for you which is nice.