A franchise doesn't just get over something like the "Butt Fumble."  It's not something you forget.  No, butt fumbles stick with you.  They matriculate their way into everything you thought your favorite team was and re-defines it in the sad, dark, depressing shadow it is.

It's two years and a quarterback change later and I'd argue it's still looming around the Jets' facility - evidenced, in no small part, by a fan of the team's purchase of the jersey Mark Sanchez wore when he ran head first into his lineman's derriere and coughed up the ball for a Patriots touchdown.

Jake Hendrickson told Yahoo! Sports he saw the jersey in auction and knew he had to have it.  He won the bidding war and is now deciding what to do with tainted bit of fabric.  He may frame it, he said, but he's also considering "[putting] it on a rocket ship and [shooting] it to outer space because I don't think it belongs on this planet anymore."

Which begs the question, what should be done with the butt fumble jersey? Here's 10 ideas.

  1. Burn it with purging, chemical fire.
  2. Mail it to Tom Brady and hope the bad juju somehow rubs off.
  3. Destroy it via a missile shot from an actual jet.
  4. Feed it to Fireman Ed.
  5. Sharpie it dark green and send it to the Eagles.
  6. Let Rex Ryan's wife wear it a la her husband's weird tattoo.
  7. Use it to set MetLife Stadium ablaze and finally put all memory of the incident behind the team.
  8. Viking funeral: Set it out to sea on a bed of wood and oil and ignite it by a single flaming arrow.
  9. A combination of all four of the above options that involve fire.
  10. Exorcism.

What do you think should be done with the butt fumble jersey? Comment below and let us know.