Mariano Rivera continues rehabilitation on his torn ACL from when he was shagging fly balls in the outfield in Kansas City during the 2012 season. In the meantime, we can already make his Hall of Fame plaque in Cooperstown for election in say, well who knows? Why don’t we know? Because Mariano Rivera hasn’t fully indicated if he will be back in 2013 or not. Here are three reasons why says he will be back for one final year in a Yankee uniform.

1. The competitor

Mariano loves the game. The game loves him and so do the fans. And most of all, #42 loves to compete and loves the thrill of running out of that bullpen door to shut the door on the opposing team. You know he wants to get after it one more time and win another championship and add to those 608 saves and add to that career .70 postseason ERA.

2. Soriano opt-out

Rivera’s replacement last year and the 2011 set-up man Rafael Soriano has already opted out of his contract and will test the market. If Rivera is ready to go, there is no way in hell the Yankees give the closing role back to Soriano, not just because Mariano Rivera is Mariano Rivera, but because Rafael Soriano is trying to get more money from MLB teams than a team that can pay players and closers the most money in baseball, the New York Yankees. Why Soriano would leave that money on the table AND not fight for that closer’s spot is beyond comprehension. It shows you the difference between Rivera and Soriano as competitors and Yankees.

3. This can’t be the end

Mariano Rivera doesn’t want his last baseball image to be getting carted off the field with a torn ACL. He wants it to be on the field, competing hard and striking people out with that cutter he has baffled hitters with and broken bats with since 1996. Even if the Yanks don’t win a championship in 2013, Rivera will be on the field trying for it as opposed to sitting on the couch. And all Yankee and baseball fans will remember that more than the ACL injury, which is just how the Yanks legend wants it.