Last year's English Premier League season felt anticlimactic, didn't it? The championship was decided before the end of the winter, and Manchester United ran seemingly unchallenged from their 20th first division crown. Now, with a new year and some new faces in the league, hopefully that all changes and we have some great drama this season.

Over the next few days, we will be delivering a four part preview of the Barclays Premier League, highlighting everything you need to know for the upcoming season of football. The preview will be structured as follows:

Day 1 - New Kids On The BlockA look at the three newly promoted teams in the EPL.

Day 2 - Transfers Galore - A recap of the summer transfer window in England.

Day 3 - Players To Watch - Who will take the league over in 2013/14

Day 4 - Who Will Win It All? - A prediction for every team in the league, from 1-20.

So lace up your boots, get your brand new kit out of the closet, and practice your juggling skills, because the Barclays Premier League Preview begins on Monday.