This year's summer transfer window leading up to the upcoming English Premier League season was supposed to be one for the ages. There were rumors of elite strikers coming in from other leagues, of big name stars switching teams within the Premier League, and of Arsenal actually spending money to try and improve their team. However, this year's transfer window was filled with much more talk than action from the top clubs in England.

The biggest disappointment in the Premier League's summer transfer window was the inability of one of the giants of England to come up with the right amount of money to bring in former Atletico Madrid striker Falcao, who ended up in France with Monaco instead.

In fact, it can be argued that a higher number of important strikers left the Prem than those who entered it from other leagues this season. Carlos Tevez decided that he'd rather play for Italy's Juventus than stay at Manchester City, despite the fact that Italy's Serie A is a pathetically low scoring league, even for soccer's standards. Even worse, Clint Dempsey opted to move to the MLS' Seattle Sounders rather than stay at Tottenham Hotspur. An elite level player in the world decided the MLS was a better option than the current iteration of the EPL. Ouch.

Besides the disappointing interleague transfer performance in England, some juicy rumors surfaced between EPL teams this summer, neither of which actually happened.

Wayne Rooney was rumored to go to Chelsea multiple times this summer, a move that he wants so he can get out of Manchester United in advance of the inevitable collapse caused by the loss of Sir Alex Ferguson. However, United rejected a ton of money, players, and maybe even the ghost of Didier Drogba instead of unloading their disgruntled star.

Similarly, Liverpool striker/Branislav Ivanovic biter Luis Suarez was supposed to leave Liverpool to go to Arsenal. That didn't work out, despite the fact that Liverpool reportedly told Suarez that they would let him go if a team bid more than 40 million pounds for him. Arsenal bid 40,000,001 pounds, but Liverpool went back on their alleged word, robbing us of any kind of fun in the Premier League transfer window.

Somehow, the biggest winners in the transfer window were Manchester City who, despite failing miserably to achieve their actual goals, still had a good showing in bringing in Fernandinho, Stefan Jovetic, and Jesus Navas. Those three should help bolster an attack that just seemed to lack focus at times last season, suffering too many low scoring finishes against subpar opponents last year, costing them not only a title but a shot at advancement in the UEFA Champions League.

With time running out in the summer transfer window, one can only hope that the action picks up before the fall arrives.