This 4 year old money machine, I mean tennis star is already turning heads amongst his pears. Mainly because he can go a day with out pissing all over himself and having a nervous break down because the care bears aren’t real, but also mainly for his tennis skill. This kid can hit the ball, and then hit another ball, and wouldn’t you know it hit a 3rd ball as well. I mean what’s next is he going to catch the ball as well. This kid has tennis skill like I have house building skills.

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Pretty awful freaking house right.

Yah look at that mess, the only way you are going to see this runt at the US Open is If he gets a pair of tickets and a booster seat. The guy training him better hope he doesn’t know how to operate a firearm any time soon, I mean come on man what kind of 4 year old wants to run shuttle drills and last I checked it probably isn’t the best idea for them to lifting weights. Then again what do I know I’m not a doctor, and this kid sucks at tennis I would destroy him.