Mariano Rivera has used his legendary cut fastball to break a lot of bats during his career, most of which are presumably discarded like other useless pieces of wood. The Minnesota Twins, however, decided to turn some of those broken bats into a gift for Rivera during this season's farewell tour, making him a rocking chair out of them. The "Chair Of Broken Dreams" is the number 31 moment of our countdown.

How cool is that rocking chair, by the way? It doesn't look as if it'd be particularly enjoyable to sit on, but that's not the point. Somewhere in Mariano Rivera's home, he'll have a piece of furniture that also serves as a testament to his greatness as a pitcher and to his ability to absolutely demolish the bats of his foes with regularity.

This was by far the coolest gift bestowed upon Mariano during his farewell tour so far this season. Opponents within the Yankees' division will really have to step up in the creativity department if they want to come anywhere close to the level of the Twins' gift.

Rivera took time before his final game at Target Field to thank Twins employees, as he has been doing at every stop on his farewell tour, and was presented with the chair by Twins manager Ron Gardenhire. He was also given a $10,000 check for the Mariano Rivera Foundation by the team.

Only thirty moments remain in the countdown of the top Mariano Rivera moments, and they are all on field moments from here on out. Keep checking back to find out what they are over the final thirty regular season game days of his career.