Mariano Rivera is arguably one of the greatest baseball players of all time. But with his career coming to an end soon, he's going to need to find ways to occupy his time when it's done. The Harlem Globetrotters extended an olive branch to Rivera, offering to help him fill the void on the basketball court by drafting him earlier this year in the number 38 moment of our countdown.

Rivera was "drafted" by the Globetrotters in June. Of course, they didn't expect him to actually accept their invitation to play for the team. Each year, the Globetrotters choose a couple of big names to list in the press release that announces which players are actually joining the team to draw attention to the announcement.

In the press release from the Globetrotters (yes, the Globetrotters have a press release for a draft that isn't even real), the team praised Rivera's charitable efforts and ability to close games, which is just as important in basketball as it is in baseball.

And in the fourth quarter, when the Globetrotters need to close out a game, who better than the best closer of all-time? Mariano Rivera has made a living by finishing off opponents. We always have a place on our roster for winning athletes with that kind of mindset.  His charitable work through the Mariano Rivera Foundation also embodies the spirit of the Globetrotters giving back to the community.

Rivera, who was drafted along with WNBA star Brittney Griner, didn't take the selection seriously. When asked about the invite from the Globetrotters, Mariano simply laughed.