Mariano Rivera is certainly the greatest closer in baseball history, but many people don't remember that he also saw four plate appearances in his storied 19 year career. And despite having a batting average of .000, Mo still managed to drive in one run in his career in the number 41 moment of his career.

In 2009, back when Sunday Night Baseball was a big deal and the Subway Series was still kind of cool, Mariano Rivera stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded. He was in the middle of a multiple inning save attempt, so could not be pinch hit for. He was going to have to face Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez on his own.

Rivera hung in there, working the count full against the man known as K-Rod for much of his career. The payoff pitch was amazing, hilarious, and another notch in the belt of Mariano Rivera.

Even when he's at the plate, Mariano Rivera is able to intimidate the person standing 60 feet and 6 inches away from him. That's what has made him so great, and that's why this moment made the countdown.