You remember that 2002 movie starring Eminem, don't you?  C'mon you know it was a classic and you don't want to admit it!!

The story was essentially a biography of Marshall Mathers' (Eminem) life and Marshall played himself, but still.  Eminem was quite the actor in that movie - who knew?  Again, not much of a stretch of roles - but don't tell me you weren't rooting for him during the final "Rap Battle?"  And who wasn't singing "Lose Yourself" after they saw that movie.  I got so excited after seeing that movie, I want to be a rapper when I grown up!! 

Kim Basinger had a great role in this movie as the mom, Evan Jones as "Cheddar Bob" was Plaxico Burress before there was a Burress - just like #17, he shot himself in the leg! 

It had everything a great movie has: 

  • Character conflict
  • Rap Battles
  • A love story
  • Troubled family life
  • Rap Battles
  • Awesome music
  • Neighborhood hijinks
  • Rap Battles

The rap battles in this movie were legendary.  It got a whole new generation of fans to the hip-hop scene.  In fact, this movie was so well acted, I actually felt like I was watching a documentary instead of a movie.  No joke. 

I'm going to go and "Lose Myself" and watch the movie again now.  So excuse me!!!