A local man from Schenectady, NY  is showing exactly what a hero is. The young fellas name is John Napier and if you know the name because he has competed in the Olympics as a Bobsledder.

I have often asked myself what makes our troops do what they do. Let's be honest they don't make great pay. Many are against what they do. Enrichment isn't what they seek. A better world and a safer America is what they seek. Many put aside their own desires and their lives, and for some their families and friends to serve the United States. It's not something I can relate to because I haven't made that choice but I sure do admire those that do and thank those that do.

The 25 year old Napier is ditching his chance at a medal in Sochi in 2014 and heading back to battle in Afghanistan. He has served there before and goes back willingly and eagerly. Just incredible I say.

Napier competed in the 2010 winter games in Vancouver in the 2 man bobsled. He didn't medal. He deserves many medals as do all these wonderful and honorable people that serve a cause bigger then themselves and any of us. He serves humanity and America. He is trying to make life better for those in the war torn country. He is a profile in courage.

After competing in Afghanistan Napier had to lobby the military to let him serve in Afghanistan as part of the Vermont National Guard. The military wanted him to continue his athletic training. It didn't fulfill him. Mr Napier did a 5 month tour now he wants more.

Napier says "I never got the feeling of selflessness that I did in Afghanistan. There is not a morning I don't wake up and miss it". Imagine that.. Missing combat and serving others. Wow blows me away really.

Napier and his brakeman in the Bobsled Chris Goft finished 6th in the World Championships in Lake Placid. When asked by local writer Mark McGuire of the Times Union paper in the Capital Region about keeping going in the winter sport Napier said " This is not where my heart is"

It seems this hero's heart is in the military and now he seeks a Special Ops position in the Army or Navy.

When asked by McGuire about how competing in the Olympics Napier said " No question serving in Afghanistan hurt my Bobsled career.There is no arguing that. But I don't consider it a loss".

Yes it seems Napier not being in Sochi, Russia is a loss for our Olympic team. Selflessness like Napiers is rare. Being that unselfish is rare. The US Bobsleds team's loss is our country's gain. For this rare feat of unselfishness Mr.Napier deserves all of our respect and a Hoo-Rah doesn't hurt either.  God Bless you Mr.Napier and all our troops that serve a higher purpose then themselves!