As I have gone through early adulthood and now sit at 25 years old, I have discovered a number of things: my regretful inability to grow meaningful facial hair, my reestablished love for the NHL and my tremendous disdain for New York State politicians (just read my recent articles about Mixed Martial Arts as a reference point). However, the greatest of these observations is the one I have decided to address in this article: my growing disinterest for watching Major League Baseball games on television.

For as long as I can remember, the first sport I was introduced to was baseball. Growing up with a baseball-loving grandfather, it was ingrained in me from the time I was in diapers - I watched it on TV, I would read the box scores in the newspaper everyday, I went to several games at Yankee Stadium and the now-defunct Heritage Park. I even played throughout my grade school days, before eventually hanging up the cleats during my sophomore year of high school at Christian Brothers Academy. So please understand, it pains me greatly to come to this realization and write this piece.

I know for a fact that I'm not totally out of my mind with this opinion, because all you have to do is look at the glaring downward trend of MLB ratings on television the last 10 to 20 years and it is right there staring at you in the face. In fact, the issue was addressed by the terrific minds at Awful Announcing just over a week ago when looking at the numbers for the 2013 season of MLB on Fox broadcasts compared to the 2012 season - simply put, it's embarrassing.

For additional evidence, I know I have stated several times on-air over the last 18 months that I was growing bored of watching New York Yankees games and found myself more entertained by New York Mets games. So when I found Yankees games boring again earlier this season, I tested my previous theory to see if it held true - the results disturbed me to the point of feeling the need to write this article, because I can't even find a Gary Cohen - Keith Hernandez - Ron Darling telecast to be entertaining! This isn't even a reflection of the poor play during the 2013 season from both New York teams, the same holds true for the 1 or 2 ESPN broadcasts I've tried to watch this year - it just ain't happening for me anymore.

I have officially determined that the "most boring" time of the calendar year in the world of sports is from the moment both the NHL and NBA Playoffs come to an end, right up until the beginning of all 32 NFL training camps - no offense to Grand Slam tennis and The Open Championship. Something tells me that I will be giving HBO On Demand, the Food Network, Travel Channel and History Channel a lot of attention the next few weeks, otherwise my head just might explode!