I won't rip a young kid but I have to question the kids wisdom. Here is the scene. Alex Rodriguez ties the great Lou Gehrig for most career grand slams with a slam Tuesday Night in Atlanta. The ball is caught by young Randy Kearns who is a Yankee fan.

After the Yanks come from behind to defeat the Braves 6-4 Kearns wants to return the ball to A-Rod. 1st mistake.

Rodriguez gives the kid a few items and an autograph and picture in addition to an autographed bat, jersey and signed ball. Mistake 2.

Kearns is 15 so I admire his Yankee fandom. However and you knew this was coming the kid made a mistake in my view. He could have gotten a good price for the record tying baseball. Not sure exactly what it is worth but  I am betting a few thou if not more. Would help with college or possibly buying his 1st car or whatever else he wanted. But young Kearns decided he was going to do the "right thing" and return it to his favorite Yankee (Along with Derek Jeter).

No for me I say no way. 1st off I can't stand A-Rod. I feel about him as I do all steroid cheats. They make me sick.

2nd and I have no issue with this but for players the sport is a business as well as a job and hopefully a love. That's fine. For me it's enjoyment, a long passion and love  and if ever given the opportunity a business. If it is a business for them why not for me?

Now I am a Met fan and even putting my dislike aside for Rodriguez I wouldn't give back a ball to David Wright without a cash prize. Hey it is a business. Baseball's of historic achievments in addition to other items are big business for collectors and fans. It would bring in a nice haul. I want my piece. Not greed-business!

For me I wouldn't ever give the ball to A-Rod. Would he play for free? Heck no. Nor should he. Kearns goes down with Christian Lopez, He is the fella that caught Derek Jeter's 3,000 hit, a home run. I love Jeter but sorry that ball had HUGE value. I want a nice fat cash prize to return it. Again not personal. Business!

Frankly I don't know how the A-rod ball is worth anything. He is a steroid cheat so all his numbers are skewed. How many grand slams did he hit being on the juice?

Not to go too far off on a tangent but I don't understand why more fans aren't upset at the roiders and feel like I do. These cheaters and liars and thieves make me sick. They have destroyed the record books and let's face it one of the greatest things about Baseball is the numbers and records. But I won't babble on about the roids now. I just don't know why the ball would have great value but it does. For me like for ballplayer if I am in a position to cash in on the game I am going to do it.

For young Randy Kearns I hope he doesn't someday wonder just how much cash he could fetch for that record tying baseball hit to him by his hero.