Yes it's only 2 games so no reason to worry or even get worked up about but the Knicks 92-79 loss to an undermanned Golden State team does bring a little concern. Top of the list - How is it possible that a trioca of Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire,and Tyson Chandler combine for only 28 shots. That's right 28 measel shots  between the 3. Not acceptable. Forget how many went down by the way.

My figuring is this. Anthony should get the majority of shots between the 3. I would like to see 17-20 per game. Amare I would like to see roughly 15 per unless he of course is filling it up. Chandler should be getting whatever he can clean off the glass plus perhaps 7-10 per outing. That's 45ish per outing  not the paltry 28 they combined against a not so physical opponent.

My last concern is Chandler claiming after the game the Knicks are a "young" team...Um not so much there Tyson. oh in years they are not old but these 3 have been around and they are not young. the starting backcourt is young with Fields in his 2nd year and Toney Douglass in his 3rd. they are young in years and seasoning. The knicks will try and bounce back from a very dissapointing performance Thursday night in LA against the lakers who are playing their 4th game in 5 nights.