Better sit down NFL fans cause this will be tough to absorb. Tough as this is for me to say here goes-Kyle Boller has retired. Yep it is true. I am almost in tears over this development. How can the NFL go on? Will all teams retire Boller's number? Shouldn't they?

Yes I am being sarcastic. Boller sucks! How this guy lasted as long as he did  really sums up just how bad the TOTAL QB situation is in the NFL. Once a top pick from Cal, where honestly he wasn't that good, Boller hooked on with Brian Billick and Baltimore. Billick, whose ego led him to think he could make steak out of groud chuck finally dumped this chump. the Ravens won nothing despite a great defense.

Last year Boller further humiliated himself when he got a chance to start briefly in Oakland. After the Raiders saw how brutal he was they ran out and made a terrible trade for lousy Carson Palmer, that's how desperate they were.

Bollar does or did have a unique talent. When have you seen a guy throw a 5 yard out directly into the ground at 2 yards? I mean nose of football down into the ground. Bollar was an embarrassment.

We got into a good debate Tuesday on the radio program ( Game On With Bruce Jacobs-on 1045 The Team ESPN Radio) about how brutal Boller is and now who steps in as the worst QB in the NFL. Several names tossed about like Curtis  Painter and  Blaine Gabbert and Caleb Hanie and some others.

My choice for the current title of worst QB in the NFL? Easy. Matt Leinart. Oh is this guy BRUTAL. Worse he thinks he is good. Has this entitlement mentality that he is owed a starting spot. Yet I have yet to see him throw a pass that didn't get the ball catcher killed or nearly decapitated. Add in he is lazy and Leinart wins my Bollar award-The curerect worst QB inb the ENTIRE NFL!

I will give Bollar credit for 1 thing. He did marry up. He is mareried to that beautiful slice of woman Carrie Prejean of Miss America fame and controversy. I bet Bollar underthrew-well never mind!