This is a funny song.  The video?  Well, let's just say it made me think of a quote from stand-up comedian Katt Williams.

Okay, the song is funny.  It's definitely a little weird but it made me laugh.  The video, however, has some of the goofiest, dorkiest, oddest behavior that I've seen in quite a while.  It was stand-up comedian Katt Williams who once said something that would apply to the people in this video.  "White people, you need you some [black] friends so you know when [stuff] is not appropriate."

This quote applies perfectly to the goofballs in this video.  Granted, they're being goofy on purpose, but that's the problem.  They're being goofy on purpose!  Doing an odd dance with a hotdog hat on your head (2:18 mark) or gyrating around while wearing rolled-up jean shorts (2:15 mark) is something that Katt Williams and others would deem inappropriate.  Just sayin'.

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