According to a Deadline report, ICM Partners will take a look at a movie idea based around the Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and the Penn State Scandal. Rumors are that Rick Nicita, Al Pacino’s manager, would produce the film, fueling speculation that Al would play Paterno.

According to the report, the movie package will be built around Joe Posnanski’s best selling biography Paterno, and although it is unlikely that the movie would actually be able to use the names of the parties involved, the narrative arch would strongly mimic Joe Paterno’s successful rise and disturbing fall. No script has been written at this point, but if the 72 year old Al Pachino were to be involved, the project would have to get legs quickly.

Just for the record, I’m calling it now: Jonathon Lithgow will “star” as Jerry Sandusky.