Alex Morgan absolutely nails a New Zealand goalkeeper in the face.  At least the goalie gets knocked in the grill by a pretty knee.

Jenny Bindon is the New Zealand goalkeeper who got smacked in the face by U.S. soccer player Alex Morgan.  Bindon's grill was revamped (to put it nicely) by an inadvertent Alex Morgan knee.  At least Bindon got her faced kneed by one of the prettiest soccer players in the world.  I'm sure this didn't make her face feel any better, but if given the choice, I would opt for Morgan's knee over the big/burly/manly knee of another soccer girl.  Just sayin.

Bindon showed her grit by finishing the match.  Well done, Jenny.  I just finished doing a story for Albany's most famous sports website ( about an Ethiopian steeplechase pansy who didn't finish a race after getting rejected by a hurdle.  He could've learned a lesson from Bindon when it comes to showing toughness.  Right or wrong?  Freakin true.

The U.S. women's soccer team ended up beating New Zealand (including Jenny Bindon's reworked beak) 2-0.  They'll face the winner of the Britain-Canada match in the semifinals on Monday.

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