Late last week, news broke about Major League Baseball investigating what ESPN called, "multiple wellness clinics in South Florida, as well as individuals with potential ties to players." The revelations made by the Miami New Times and Major League Baseball are both startling and disappointing at the same time.

According to the investigations by the Miami New Times and Major League Baseball, records from one particular clinic in Miami show a list of names that include some prominent baseball players. The list includes Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez, Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz, superstar boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa, as well as noted PED users of the past - including Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and Blue Jays outfielder Melky Cabrera.

Let's remind ourselves of this - Rodriguez has admitted in the past to have used steroids from 2001-03, but has said he has not used performance-enhancing drugs since then. However, his name appears 16 times in the records reviewed from Dr. Anthony Bosch, who runs the clinic in question. These records indicate that Rodriguez paid Bosch a considerable amount of money for "1.5/1.5 HGH (sports perf.), creams test., glut., MIC, supplement, sports perf. Diet."

Aside from Rodriguez, other notable PED users who have been suspended in recent years by Major League Baseball and appear on the list are the aforementioned Melky Cabrera, pitcher Bartolo Colon and catch Yasmani Grandal. MLB and the teams of players mentioned in these startling reports have said that everything is still under investigation at this time and no judgments have been made.

In an age where the game and its players have steadfastly worked to clean up their act for the greater good of Major League Baseball, this is yet another black eye. For me, I am officially done trying to stand by and defend Alex Rodriguez. Sometimes, you can try taking the person away from the scum, but you can't take the scum out of the person.