Amar'e Stoudemire is extremely wishy washy when it comes to potentially playing overseas during the NBA lockout.  Initially, he said he'd be staying home.  Now, he says he's chances are high he won't.  Wha chew talkin' about, Amar'e?

Amar'e Stoudemire spoke at his home in Hollywood Hills on Monday afternoon.  Amar'e said that a lot of foreign clubs have contacted him about playing overseas during the NBA lockout.  He mentioned teams from Israel, China, Turkey, and Spain have all inquired about his services.

Initially, Amar'e wasn't buying in.  He tweeted on July 9, "Europe teams are calling, I think I'm going 2 stay here in the states. My loyalty is with the State of New York an the NYK's. Who's with me?"

Considering your bumps, bruises, back injury and knee surgery, I'd say a lot of New York Knick fans were with you, Amar'e.  Stoudemire changed his tune on Monday by saying, "The chances would be high" of playing elsewhere in a lockout.  "They'd definitely be high.  I just want to make sure I'm healthy and totally 100 percent before I make that type of commitment.  As of right now, we're not entertaining offers.  I'm still trying to get right."

Really?  Why would a player with health concerns jeopardize a 5-year deal worth $100 million dollars?  Why risk an injury, which could void his contract with the Knicks?  Pick a lane, dude.  Just make sure you pick the lane where you're resting in the States and not playing overseas.