There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Amare Stoudemire will play in Sunday’s Game 4 match-up against the Heat, after slicing his hand open after Game 2. Head

Coach Mike Woodson says he expects Amare to suit up, while Amare has stated that he is doubtful that he’ll be able to go. Now, after tweeting out a picture of his hand, the confusion has been cleared up: he will not be playing.

Amare, who lacerated his hand punching through a fire extinguisher casing after Monday’s 10 point loss, tweeted out the above picture of his sown up hand, the first public picture of the injury to be released. The thing looks like a baseball. I understand the Coach Woodson is hoping to save his job, but if he really expects Amare to play this weekend he’s out of his mind. Furthermore, what the hell would he be able to contribute if he did get out on the court? The answer is not too much. With the Knicks on the ropes and looking hopeless, this picture is the cherry on top of what was an up and down season for the club. As a fan its time to settle into baseball and hope that Jeremy Lin and Amare Stoudemire can return at full strength for the 2013 campaign.