SMH. In case you don't know what that means, it is social media lingo that stands for shake my head. According to a story on by Wallace Matthews, Alex Rodriguez now feels like he has been victimized by the Yankees. SMH!

Matthews reports that his sources claim that Rodriguez is whining about the incident that exploded on Tuesday when Yankee GM Brian Cashman said quote " Alex should shut the F*** up" in relation to Rodriguez tweeting out that he has been cleared to begin playing in rehab games. The Yanks GM exploded to the media saying Rodriguez has not been cleared by the Yankees doctors but rather a doctor that performed surgery on Rodriguez and has been over seeing his rehab on the hip.

On my radio program Wednesday ( Game on with Bruce Jacobs) i defended Rodriguez for maybe the 1st time ever. Now I am almost sorry I did.

Rodriguez is in my view the most repulsive athlete in sports today. From his continued cheating via steroids to his indifference to the teams playing a playoff game while he is trying to pick up some women in the stands, Rodriguez reeks of sleaze and fraud and cheat. But I did defend him in the tweet-gate. Now if Matthews reporting is correct I am almost sorry I did.

Matthews reports that Rodriguez feels the yanks are trying to keep him off the field and thus collect on an insurance policy if he doesn't play at all this year. Cashman and Yankee president Randy Levine both deny that allegation. The Yanks stand to recoup most of the 28 million they owe to Arod if he doesn't play at all.

Compounding Rodriguez's problems is the looming steroid investigation into the Biogenisis clinic run by alleged steroid pusher Anthony Bosch. Rumors persist that baseball will try and suspend Rodriguez for 100 games when the investigation wraps up.

I am almost incredulous to this circus. Is Rodriguez so vain he doesn't see what is facing him? Does he actually believe this will all magically disappear?

If Matthews reporting is correct, IF, it is astonishing to me that Rodriguez would complain at all since he has frauded the Yankees and their fans of a real player with real numbers when you consider the steroids. I am dumbfounded that he could be this absorbed in himself. I shouldn't be. It is the sleazy Rodriguez we are talking about here.