The last time anyone paid any attention to Bill O'Brien he was in  a shouting match on the sidelines with Patriots QB Tom Brady. Well get ready  Bill cause you are about to get a lot of TV time now. O'Brien has agreed to be the next coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. No need to rehash the problems that PSU faces with fallout from the Jerry Sandusky disaster or the forced and rightful retirement of  Joe Paterno but in many ways this job will bring scrutiny that O'Brien better be ready for cause it is going to be white hot even more so then being the offensive co-ordinator for Tom Brady.

I find this hire interesting. You can do a lot worse so it seems then hire the guy who runs the very successful offense of the New England Patriots. Is O'Brien ready for such a job? Can he handle the media crush that will come as long as the Sandusky mess stays front and center?  Can he help heal a community? All these questions will begin to unfold right away.

What I like is Penn State might open their offense a bit more. Let's be honest in a day and age of wide open football PSU has been left behind. Their offense has been anemic. Maybe now Penn State can find a QB who can actually move this club and throw a good ball instead of having to play for the punt and field position. I personally like defensive football but youngsters want to play a more open style and if and when PSU fell behind well turn out the lights game over.

O'Brien isn't new to the college game having coached at Duke, Georgia Tech and Maryland. This is his 1st time as the head guy and what a spot to step into. Good luck Bill you will need it