Dear James Dolan,

I feel your pain. I know what its like to be misunderstood. I know that it must hurt to be largely considered an incompetent, greedy, and generally awful person. Especially after all that you have done for the Knicks and their fans. Truthfully, I find it hard to figure out why you’re so disliked.

It could be the way in which your father handed you the reins of the New York Knicks after you casually free-loaded and free-based your way through life. Or, maybe its how you took that gracious gift with a crude sense of arrogance, as if you had actually gone out and earned it. But, lets be honest, a lot of the people who have an issue with that are poor, and poor people are stupid.


Perhaps it was the way in which you took the New York Knicks, a proud and storied franchise, and ran them into the ground vigorously and without remorse. How you allowed your stubborn pride to supersede the best interest of the team, as you kept the inept Isaiah Thomas in the front office (and occasionally on the sidelines) year in and year out as he continued to drive the franchise into the ground. Look, as true basketball men, we both know that that Isaiah project was one year away from paying off big time.


It’s possible, I suppose, that people could have gotten upset over that time you fired Anucha Browne-Sanders for filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Isaiah. But, if you’re going to be a Boss, you can’t have snitches rollin’ in your circle. That’s rule #1, people should respect that.


And now, you’re most gracious move of all; preventing Time Warner from carrying the MSG network, by refusing to compromise on a deal. The masses may be upset, but I see what you’re doing. Once again, you have your finger on the pulse. You knew the Knicks were going to stumble out of the gates. You foresaw this abysmal start and you knew it would be nearly unbearable for us fans to watch the team play as poorly as they have. So what did you do? You made it so we couldn’t. You saved us from ourselves. Heroic? One could say that…


So, James, I want to be the first person to thank you for everything you’ve done. When other people see a selfish, incompetent and somewhat delusional man, I see a misunderstood savant, consistently looking out for others. I guess I want you to know that, if no one else will applaud you, and I am pretty sure no one else will, then you can rest assured that I will.


Yours graciously,




P.S. – Give us MSG back, you're being a dick.