Robert Griffin The 3rd! Ok let me admit I normally have no interest in the Heisman presentation and here is why-I don't care because defensive players get no love. The award is supposed to go the best college Football player not the best Offensive player. However for some reason I am interested in who wins this go round. I think Stanford QB Andrew Luck had  a fine season but finished with average performances against Oregon,Cal and Notre Dame while the man known as RG3 led his Baylor Bears to 10 wins the 1st time since 1980 Baylor hit double digits in victories. he finished the season with great performances leading Baylor to wins over Oklahome and Texas. In fact Baylor avergaed over 45 points per game in the last 5 games. The odds makers have Griffin as a 1-3 favorite based on his great finish.

For me this is the closest heisman voting in years. I would vote Tyrann Mattheiu of LSU 2nd. When you see who has made more individual plays Mattheiu leads a talented pack. 3rd place for me would be Luck followed by Alabama RB Trent Richardson and Monty ball of Wisconsin 5th even though he scored 36 touchdowns this season an amazing accomplishment. I believe this will be the closet top 5 vote