The Knicks managed to secure a rare victory over the worst team in the league last night, but NYK fans can rest assured that they tried there very best to give it away.

Nothing sums up the Knicks terrible season more than this play by Andrea Bargnani. After Tyson Chandler secured a massive offensive rebound with eleven seconds on the clock and the Knicks up two, he kicked the ball out to Bargnani at the top of the key to hold the ball, take the foul and ice the game. Well, Bargnani had other plans. Instead of sealing the game with a sound decision, the former first overall pick heaved up a three pointer, missed badly, and allowed the Bucks to have one final possession to tie or win the game. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Bucks did tie the game up after the gaff, but Carmelo’s offensive prowess helped to bail Bargnani out in the second overtime frame.