Things are getting stranger and more controversial at the 30th Olympiad, including an Albany area Judo artist claiming someone tainted his food with Gonga! No I am not joking. All in a day at the Summer games.

Let's start with the competition. Hey maybe some day soon American boxing can be competitive again. 1 can hope can't we. The Americans are down to 1 boxer left. and that is only because of a reversal of the judge's decision. Welterweight Errol Spencer was originally judged to have been defeated by India's Krishan Vikas. After the president of the American team protested the loss, Vikas was found to committ 9 clutch and grab fouls in the 3rd round alone! Combined with other violations found against Vikas,  including spitting out his mouth piece ( I guess this is against the rules) Spence was awarded the win. He will tangle with a russian fighter Andray Zamkovoy. If Spence goes down to defeat it will mark the 1st time EVER the USA will be shut out of medaling in the squared circle!

Let's see some are crying about Serena Williams doing a dance after dusting off Maria Sherapova in 2 easy sets to win Gold-Get a life.

Others are crying about Gabby Williams hair-sickening. When you are perfect then complain. I mean what's wrong with the gymnasts hair? She looks just fine and she is brilliant.

The media lies about a German athlete sent home after a relationship was found between her and the Nazis. German rower Nadja Drygalla has been found to be dating some clown with ties to the Rostock National Socialists, a group with ties to neo-nazi's. The media called her a sympathizer of the far right ideology. Sorry journalist but the nazi's and socialists are left wing not right wing. A flat out lie by a lying press!

Swimmer Ryan Lochte admits he likes to tinkle in the pool, but not before a race. Hey is that little red dot thing that follows the tinkler still available. Ryan why do we need to know this exactly?

Matt Lauer of NBC is being accused of using "racial language" for  telling today show host Meredith Vieira she was an " Indian Giver". Vieira apparently gave Lauer a pair of panties from some designer only to demand them back at the end of the show. Oh those wacky morning show hosts. Yawn!

Albany area resident Nick Delpopolo failed a drug test for marijuana. He took the test on July 30th, just before he competed in the Judoka 73-kg meet. Delpopolo claims someone tainted some food he ate back in the States before he left for London. He claims someone baked something tainted with marijuana that he "inadvertently ate. Hey Mr. Judo why not claim they-whoever they are-jammed some brownies down your pie hole. You know "brownies". Wink-wink.

Algerian middle distance runner Taoufik Makhloufi has been kicked out of the games for " not trying hard". The Algerian stopped running during the 1st lap of his 800m prelim. Taoufik already qualified for the 1500m and was 'saving energy' for that race where some claimed he was a threat to win a medal.. He was found guilty of not giving  bona fide full effort and for not competing honestly. Listen Taof if you weren't going to give full effort why enter the race?

Lastly is it possible that the GREAT Roger Federer quit, or rather didn't try in losing to Andy Murray in the mens Tennis final? I hate to think such a thing but perhaps Roger felt sorry for Murray who is quickly becoming the Colin Montgomery of Tennis, an Englishman with a penchant for choking. Not that Federer is unbeatable by any means but straight sets defeat in a final. I can't help but wonder if the match were played in let's Say Rio where the next Olympics are being held whether Federer would have put up a better effort but these games are played in Murrays back yard. Hmmmmm!