We all remember Christina Aguilera's horrific version of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Well on Friday evening I heard another bad rendition of our National Anthem.

But this one occurred MUCH closer to home and you heard it right here on The Team!

The Albany Devils were getting ready to face the Syracuse Crunch in Syracuse. All was going well with the teams all lined up, ready to play, and all that was left to do was to play our National Anthem.

Well, the idea was great to let school children come in to play in front of their local crowd and attempt to impress them. Unfortunately this plan did not turn out the way the Syracuse Crunch officials had thought.

I'm all for letting people get a chance at stardom, and especially young children. But unfortunately it sounded as if these kids just finished their second week ever of playing their particular instrument!

Check out the full version of the anthem below and give your thoughts to if it was a good idea or not to let these kids play!