To say the injuries are piling up understates piling up. This time it is 1st baseman Mark Teixeira that goes down injured and he won't be around for a long stretch.

The Yanks announced that "Tex" has a wrist injury and will miss 8-10 weeks. Take away time left in spring training and you are looking at early May at the earliest for his return if that timeline holds up.

Teixeira went down injured while gearing up for the World Baseball Classic. However if you are a naysayer of the WBC you don't have more ammo against it as Tex was injured in the batting cage and not on the field.

Teixeira joins Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Phil Hughes as major players the Yanks have lost due to injury. Hughes status is unknown with a bulging disc in his back. ARod is out at least until July if not the season. Granderson until early May. Even the GM joined in the fun when Brian Cashman broke his ankle skydiving over the weekend.

Right now the only Yankee in the starting lineup that hit at least 20 home runs last year is Robinson Cano. The Yanks didn't re-sign Nick Swisher or Eric Chavez or Russell Martin from last year and add Raul Ibanez to that list as well.

Right now it looks like the plan for the Yanks is to go with newly acquired Kevin Youkilis at 1st or possibly Travis Hafner whom they also signed in the off season. However hafner hasn't played the field in years and has been used as a DH only. If Youkilis plays 1st that leaves 3rd base to Juan Rivera. The Yanks also have Dan Johnson on the roster to possibly play 1st base.

The Yankees open the season on April 1st at home ve the Boston Red Sox. And no this article was not an April Fools joke!