Ok how many times have you heard of an Olympic medal being broken in the shower? A fued between 2 high profile woman's soccer players continues. Another athlete sent home for what was determined "racist" tweets but was hardly that. Yes welcome to the 30th olympiad!

A brazilian Judoka broke his medal after he dropped it getting into the shower. Felipe Kitadai claims he took his bronze everywhere he went, even into the shower. The Brazilian says he dropped it after he tried to keep the medal from getting wet..Ok Mr Judoka why would  you even take the medal into the shower if you didn't want to get it wet. Hello the shower has water. Water is wet.I am shaking my head. The Brazilian Olympic federation is asking that the medal be replaced with a new one. Maybe Mr Kitadai will not forget NOT to bring it into a pool. Oh the medal, won in the 60 Kilogram event is also dented.

To Soccer. Hope Solo is not easing up on her slamming of former American player Brandi Chastain who is now a broadcaster doing the womans games for NBC. Solo slammed Chastain for what she percieved was overly critical comments about the teams play. When asked if she thought using social media in the middle of the games was proper time and place to critique, Solo said " It's not about what made me unhappy. It's not about 1 game. I have my beliefs that the best broadcasters and the best analysts should be analyzing come Olympics, come World Cups and it's only my opinion. You can take it or leave it, it's only my opinion. You can take it or leave it to be honest. I think analysts and commentators should bring energy and passion and excitement and a lot of knowledge, and help build the game. I don't think Brandi has that"  Ouch that hurts. Not sure what Solo thinks a broadcaster should do except be honest about what they are seeing  for the audience. What lie to them if the broadcaster sees something they think is amiss. Grow up Solo.

The we have this gem also from the Soccer field-A Swiss player was sent away after sending out a "racist" tweet . Swiss player Michel Morganella blasted out a tweet after Switzerland lost to South Korea saying " South Koreans can go burn. They are all mongoloids".

Even though Morganella apologized profusley for his tweet it didn't matter at the 30th olympiad of don't hurt my feelings-pc games. The insults are dumb but goodness you would think the Swiss player made some really offensive comment.  The Swiss delegation has apologized many times to the South Korean delegation but no matter. Seems the S.Koreans are taking this harder then when their country was bombed not long ago by dead Communist North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Oh boo hoo my feelings are hurt. Waaaah.

Yes ladies and Gents just another day of fun, frolic, and hurt feelings at the London games!