You gotta shake your head sometimes. The New York Jets, and I will be kind, with offensive issues, will need a reliable place kicker to score some points this year. In that vain they sign Billy Cundiff? Is this someone's idea of a bad joke?

William Andrew Cundiff, he of the ultimate gag when he shanked a 32 yard field goal try in the AFC title game while kicking for Baltimore vs New England. If Cundiff makes that chippy, we could be talking about Baltimore as back to back world champs. Yet this is the guy the Jets sign for a must have position? As my grandmother used to say " Oy Vey."

This is the same William Andrew Cundiff who cost me some of my dignity. Right after his terrible miss vs the Patriots, I, and my mouth took to the airwaves and bragged how easy a 32 yard field goal try would be. Hmm not so much as I found out 1st hand. The video can still be seen on  the Game On With Bruce Jacobs facebook page. Suffice to say it wasn't a high point in my athletic career.

But no matter I wasn't paid millions to make that kick or even practice. William Andrew Cundiff is. Soon after he found himself unemployed. he has been brutal in cups of coffee for a couple of franchises, including the San Francisco 49ers.

Now William Andrew Cundiff will " battle" Nick Folk for the job. This is akin to me and Pierce Brix, my technical director and show contributor ( Game on With Bruce Jacobs) going to battle for the position. Ok maybe a bit drastic, but you get the point.

The Jets offense will struggle and struggle mighty this season, the personal  says that, and that doesn't even take into consideration  this quater back battle, of which neither Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith has me thinking Chad Pennington. Points will be at a premium. Billy Cundiff adds to the mediocrity of the Jets offense.

The Jets defense could be very good, meaning field position and the kicking game will be paramount if this team hopes to win 8 games this year. Cundiff, if he starts, makes this even dicier.

William Andrew Cundiff- Oy Vey!