By the time training camp comes around, the New York Jets may have more reality show spin offs than the Kardashian sisters. The Jets, who still have not ruled out the possibility of letting HBO’s Hard Knocks come back to camp, may also have a budding TV star starting at cornerback. According to sources, a TV production company wants to design a reality show around Antonio Cromartie’s offspring, which includes 10 kids from 8 different women.

Not shockingly, the 27 year old cornerback has blocked the filming of his kids and has halted any production of the show. The clan of mothers, however, is all very much in favor of the show, many claiming that they need the income to support their children. Cromartie’s kids live in New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas and California, and the show would center on his kids and baby mommas co-existing as a “modern family.” Before you get upset about Cromartie preventing these women from making money to feed his children, keep in mind that Antonio does pay all of the women that he’s not married to $41,000 a year. Still, if you’re going to create a circus like this, you might as well let someone film it.