January 1969, Super Bowl 3 in Miami, the heavily favored NFL’s Baltimore Colts against the underdog from the AFL the New York Jets. Not many of today’s fans remember this but going into Super Bowl 3 the future of the NFL as it now stands was in doubt.

If the Colts won, which seemed to be a forgone conclusion as they were the most dominating team the NFL had ever seen, the NFL stood to lose millions in future TV revenues and should the Colts do what was expected and trounce the AFL NY Jets the Super Bowl game might possibly be a thing of the past.

The Jets thanks to 5 turnovers from the normally turnover free Colts won the game 16 to 7 and the rest is history.

NBA Tim Donaghy was a 13 year NBA referee was banned from the league in 2007 when the Federal Bureau of Investigation busted him for associating with gamblers and profiting from giving them inside information with which to bet on NBA games.  Donaghy and his crew won 80% of their bets.  Most of the top professional gamblers in the world win close to 60% of their bets.

January 2004, former Major League Baseball Player Pete Rose publicy admits to betting on baseball during an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America show where he was promoting the release of his autobiography.

Recently former Oakland Raider wide receiver Tim Brown publicly accused his coach at the time Bill Callahan of intentionally sabotaging the Raiders in their match against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 37.  Brown stated during a recent interview that Callahan threw the game because of his friendship with former Raiders coach Jon Gruden, who was at that time now the coach of Tampa Bay during Super Bowl 37.

Callahan has since publicly disputed Brown’s accusation.