The walking wounded continue to pile up for Joe Girardi and his Yankees. So much so the team may be forced to make a deal in the coming days, ahead of the April 1st opener against the Boston Red Sox.

Reports from the left coast claim the Yankees and Angels are talking trade and the target of the Yanks desire could be outfielder Vernon Wells. Yes the same Wells who not long ago was deemed to have the worst contract in baseball. If reports are true and Wells is on the verge of becoming a Yankee some might say they have the 2 worst contracts in the game, along with Alex Rodriguez's contract.

Rumors say the deal could come to fruition in the next 24-48 hours. Since more then the league stated max of 1 million dollars would be exchanged as part of the deal the league is looking at the trade before approving it. Sources on the west coast say Wells has gladly waived his no trade clause to make the deal happen and that his locker in the Angels complex has been cleaned out.

Wells inked a 7 year deal with the Blue Jays back in 2007. He has been mostly hurt and frankly a disaster since the mega deal. Last year in only 77 games Wells was terrible, hitting a paltry 11 home runs and driving in only 29 runs. In his 2 years with the Angels Wells has averaged only 22 homers and 47 RBI's in his 2 years with the Angels.

The contract still see's Wells averaging a salary of 21 mill per season this year and next. As part of the deal the same sources claim the Yanks will pay just 13 million with the Angels paying the remainder of 29 million. That shows just how badly Los Angeles wants to dump this contract.

The Yanks lack power in the worst way as injuries have sapped this club of it's best long ball hitters save Robinson Cano.

In another roster move that could become official the Yanks are expected to put Derek Jeter on the DL which would mean he would miss the opener and a few more games and be in the lineup the Yanks hope by April 5th or 6th.