Today is the 32 year anniversary of The Miracle On Ice, one of the greatest moments in American sports history, and a moment that is in jeopardy of losing its luster. Growing up, the Miracle was a glorious story; an inspirational tale that amazed me every time I heard about it or saw a clip. But that was because I only heard about it once every couple of years. Not anymore. Now there are Disney movies about the game and its praised ad nauseum, to the point in which I have to turn my TV off. Really Bob Ley, we’re talking about “what the miracle meant” on Outside The Lines today? Come on. Anyone who ever attended 6th grade knows what the Cold War was; we don’t need you and Schaap to dress it up in a hockey jersey for us. I’d rather watch you “investigate” how many water breaks High School football players in Alabama get.

I mean, it’s the 32 year anniversary. Who the hell celebrates a 32 year anniversary? Your wife wouldn’t even expect flowers on your 32nd anniversary. And Mike Eruzione? Please go away. He’s the Mercury Morris of amateur hockey, jumping in front of cameras and microphones whenever anyone mentions the game to talk about how truly scrappy and fun-loving that hodgepodge of players truly was. We get it, man. The guy is a motivational speaker now, which amazes me because I find nothing motivating about a man who has been milking the limelight of 1980 for 32 years. Move on, Rizzo.

I am not saying that I hate the Miracle On Ice. I mean, I’m an American; nothing brings a twinkle to my eye quite like beating Russia, Rocky 4 style. All I’m saying is that I’m getting a bit over-saturated with the constant reflections and discussions of the game. I know that we live in the age of 24/7 media, but lets let the Miracle lay dormant for a little while. Put the Miracle on ice, if you will. If we can get back to blowing out the tributes once every five years or so, I think it will go a long way in preserving the “special” sentiment regarding that historic moment. That said, you can reminisce over the closing seconds of the game below.