With five minutes to go in the gold medal game of the Olympic hockey tournament, the U.S. women looked assured of victory.  Up 2-0 on their bitter rivals, Canada, there was no way they would lose the game. They'd finish out the final seconds and cruise to the top of the podium.  The gold medal was around their necks.

But no one said that.  Because you don't say it.  You don't tempt fate.  You don't invite the jinx.  You stay silent until the game is finally over.

Every real sports fan knows that.

Armen Williams, though, does not.

So when the once beloved radio host declared victory for the U.S. in the second period, and denied existence of the jinx, everyone but Armen knew it was a bad idea.

Then Canada came back.  And Armen's jinx was realized.

He lost it for us.  He lost it for us all.

Hear how it happened right here.

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