I’m no Ralph Lauren or Vidal Sasson but I can tell you what looks cool and what looks dorky.

This is what Brian Cady was wearing today. It looks like an ordinary Yankees hat but wait a minute.


Upon further review, the Yanks cap has a Hess logo plastered on the back of it.



I asked Slim Cady where he got it and he responded, "I got it as a giveaway at the old Yankee Stadium." My response, "You're wearing a fake-me-out Yanks hat you got for free at a game 5 years ago?"  He said, "Yeah, so what's wrong with that?"  After I laughed, it got me thinking (and blogging).

So I then thought about why a grown man should NEVER wear gear with sponsor logos plastered all over them. Do you know the last time I wore a freebie I got from a game? 1986. I actually wore a Bernard King/Burger King jersey (No joke). I thought it looked cool.......when I was 15. Wearing teamwear with sponsor logos on it screams, "I work at a carnival." Not only that, but hats cost about $10 bucks these days.

Because I'm a nice guy (and it's the gift giving season so I need to buy him something or it looks cheesy), I decided that Cady's present this year would be a hat.  The front will read, "I'm single". While the back will have a Match.com logo patch.

Have hat, will advertise!