You think that everyone in the world would know a name as big as Steve Jobs.   Last night the sad news was handed down from Apple that Jobs had passed away, and Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher was confused as to who he was.

When the news broke last night about former Apple CEO Steve Jobs passing away, the world was shocked.  He had lost his battle with cancer and passed away at age 56.   Everyone rushed to twitter or facebook to see what people were posting, or just to get information on Jobs and his unfortunate death.  Turns out that Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher was a bit confused has to who Steve Jobs was.

We all know that Oher had a pretty bad upbringing, so technology was probably pretty far off of his radar, but many are thinking that it's ironic that Oher probably sent that tweet from an iPhone.  People jumped on to help him out, so now he is all caught up.  This is the message that he posted to his twitter.