Sometimes I don't get people. This is 1 of those times. USC Junior QB Matt Barkley has decided to stay a Trojan for another year and for some reason people have an opinion on this-like whether this is a good choice or bad. Really? Now don't get me wrong I have opinions on just about anything but this is 1 time I have none and frankly don't understand any reason why some folks will rip him for this decision.

Let's look at both sides. Ok he stays. Why is this a bad or wrong decision. he furthers his education and makes a run for a national title next year with a loaded USC club and yet some say this is a mistake? Really? A better education is a mistake? Since when? Heck we need more educated people not less. Now let's say he decided to leave USC. Why would this have been a bad choice? He gets to make money and become a pro. Isn't that what most-like the overwhelming most  who go to college to play Football and Basketball go for plus an education (I hope). If you are going to college to be a scientist and someone offers you a paying job isn't that the end goal to get a paying gig. School teacher? Doctor? Whatever. For many athletes, Barkley I think included he is going to try and be a pro Football player. This is good.

The only choice that I may take to task is if the player isn't ready to be a pro or if he has no interest in an education then I will opine. I just don't understand why anyone would think Barkleys choice to stay is a bad thing and if he had gone pro why that would be a bad thing. To me it's just a thing. I have heard a few radio shows where host says " ok Matt Barkley is staying for his senior season-audience what do you think" and people actually call and talk about this topic. Seems strange to me that there is an opinion on this.

Now if it's what would you do instead of did he do the right thing then I got an opinion. Heck I am taking the dough are you kidding me. My goal is to go pro and if I can make a nice wage for it see ya off to apply the trade I have been working for. Just seems strange to me how anyone could say this is a bad choice. ANYONE.