Well if you are a Yankee fan-maybe perhaps a Yankee ticket winner from 1 of our contests on 1045 The Team-ESPN Radio in Albany you get a bonus, at your expense of course.

Acoording to a report in the NY Post, not only can you enjoy a ball game but perhaps some pizza and some lip lock right outsuide Yankee stadium.

Stadium pizza, a favorite right outside the stadium is being investigated after being accused by a former employee of running a prostitution operation inside the restaurant. Hey nothing says Yankee baseball like a calzone, a slice, and a slice!

Former employee Olga Contreras is suing the owners of Stadium pizza for sexual harassment. Olga claims that 1 of the restaurants often having oral sex inside the place and often "disappearing" into the restroom of the restaurant with several "customers".

Contreras claims she was forced several time to cleam up "used condoms" during her 7 years of employment that lasted from 2005 through 2012. Contreras also claims she suffered a miscarriage (baby by "boyfriend") becuase the owners of Stadium pizza forced her to lift heavy items.

The owners of the place claim they fired Contreras back in March after Olga walked into the kitchen and claimed she was hungry..Huh?

I am not sure what Olga being hungry has to do with prostitution. Then again I am not sure what prostitution has to do with pizza. then again again I don't really see what yankee baseball has to do with a hummer-or the Pizza or these allegations. Oh that's right this is just a public service message for anyone who wins tickets on 1045 The Team, ESPN radio. If so I am "sure" they won the tickets on the Noe show and not on my program Game On. My winners wouldn't be looking for a slice and a slice before a game now would they?