Yankees outfielder Carlos Beltran took a cortisone shot last Tuesday, hoping that the aggravation from his bone spur would go away. 

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"I'm just hoping the cortozone takes the pain away so I can go out there and play," said Beltran, in an interview on the Yankees Radio Broadcast.

After being placed on the 15-day DL last Thursday, Beltran had to receive another cortisone shot over the weekend as the first one did not relieve the issue.

"If the cortisone doesn't really do the job," said Beltran, "I might have to [have surgery] during the season."

If Beltran were to have surgery during the season, the 37-year old would miss a minimum of six weeks. While Beltran has only played in 33 game this season, his current .234 batting average is by far the lowest season average in his 17-year career.

Suzyn Waldman with Carlos Beltran, last Tuesday, no 104.5 The Team