Ever wonder why your snowblower won’t start every time? Or why your lawn mower keeps stalling?

And, for those with motorcycles, what is that gunk in the bottom of your gas tank?

Ethanol-blended gasoline (E10) can cause major trouble for small engines and power equipment that is used periodically. It also presents a new set of challenges for antique or classic vehicles and high-performance sports cars.


E10 gasoline has 10% ethanol content. The main problem is that ethanol absorbs water. When the ethanol in the fuel absorbs enough water, it will separate from the gas (phase separation). This water/ethanol mix will not burn, resulting in:

1. Reduced Octane Level:

Ethanol boosts the octane level in gas, so when phase separation occurs, the octane rating will drop, negatively impacting performance.

2. Poor Engine Performance:

Fuel that is separated may cause your engine to stall or run rough.

3. Corrosion:

The chemical properties of ethanol are destructive to rubber, fiberglass, plastic, and other composite parts of the fuel system and engine. This results in carburetor damage, clogging and/or plugging of fuel injectors, and failure to start.


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