Chad Dawson beat Bernard Hopkins in controversial fashion on Saturday night.  A battle for the WBC Light Heavyweight title turned into an MMA match.

This was one of the oddest fights I have ever seen.  Chad Dawson won via technical knockout against Bernard Hopkins.  The two fighters had a completely peculiar exchange during their fight in Los Angeles at Staples Center.

Bernard Hopkins threw a straight right hand.  He wasn't able to cleanly connect with Dawson.  After throwing the errant punch, Bernard's momentum landed him on top of Dawson's shoulder as he was squatting down to avoid the punch.  Dawson tossed Hopkins off of him with his shoulder.  When Hopkins hit the canvas, he grabbed his shoulder.  The fight was stopped and Dawson was declared the winner.

It's amazing that there was no foul called on Dawson.  It wasn't a boxing move whatsoever.  The fight was ruled a technical knockout because there was no foul called.  There should have been a foul called on Dawson or, at least, the fight should have been ruled a no contest.

After the fight, Dawson said that Hopkins disappointed a lot of fans and that he was faking his shoulder injury.  Dawson stated that he didn't want a rematch.  Hopkins said that he told the referee that he was ready to continue with one arm but the referee said 'no' and stopped the fight.  When asked if the fight should've been a no contest, Hopkins said, "Yeah, it should’ve been a no contest.  This isn’t UFC.  This isn’t MMA.  He picked me up and threw me down.  Football comes on tomorrow."

The ending of the fight was ridiculous.  Chad Dawson threw Hopkins off of him with force.  It was a move that has absolutely nothing to do with boxing.  Some might agree with the decision because they think Hopkins was faking.  No matter what your opinion is regarding the ruling of the fight, boxing lost.  This was another black eye for the sport of boxing.

Brian Noe is the Program Director at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts "The Noe Show" which airs weekdays from 1-3pm ET.