I would like to say I have some inside mole-But I don't. I would like to drive 55 -But I don't. However I can figure out trends and I can and do read between the lines. My bet is Van Halen, the legandary rock band with a new CD just released and back on tour will serve as SB 47 halftime entertainment.

The founder of the band, 1 Eddie Van Halen tells  that the band will tour Japan in January then "hopefully do something super"  in February.

The trend lately has been older acts that may be a bit risque but not in danger of "wardrobe" malfunction.

last year was a slight difference with the Black Eyed Peas doing the honors. Dang no malfunction for Fergy :)

Lately though we have seen the Tom Petty's and Paul McCartney's entertain the masses.

If it is Van Halen can I put my requests in now-and no I don't want that lousy song from the new CD-Tattoo. Gosh this song is just aweful. Sounds like a cheap version of an older VH song. I want "running with the Devil". I want "Ice Cream Man". I can even deal with a live rendition of Jump. I am thinking Vh can fill the entire time and no warm up band needed.

For the ladies you can cheer for wardrobe malfunction. I am not sure that David Lee Roth wouldn't oblige...