Ok up front I am not a Steeler fan nor am I a detractor. I admire Ben Roethlisberger's desire to play and pain threshold but it's not smart on behalf of the club. There are bigger battles to be fought and won and they won't be if the Steelers have to go with Charlie Batch or Dennis Dixon. It's pretty clear while Ben will gut it out and might be the toughest offensive player in the NFL today he is not effective and is hurting his club

Home field advantage is on the line in the AFC in the final 2+ weeks with Pitts, New England, Baltimore and Houston fighting for that top spot and home field advantage but unlike any of the other 3 clubs it is my opinion that the Steelers need home field less then them. It goes without saying you would rather be at home but at the risk of your QB? I say the Steelers are the best team equipted to win on the road for the following reasons. The Patriots are a great home team having lost only 3 times their in the past 3 years to the Giants in the regular season and Baltimore and the Jets in the playoffs. I don't think the Pats can win a tittle game in Pittsburgh. Baltimore has been lame on the road this year having lost in Jacksonville, Seattle and San Diego and for Houston being in the playoffs for the 1st time means home is the best place to be.

Of course now  if Ben is hobbled and somehow my Jets can get it toghether (unlikely but I can hope can't I) and the Jets can beat Houston and the Pats on the road (doable) then get a hammpered Roethlisberger well I like the Big plane in the sky's chances. Ok I am awake now