Reports right now indicate that the presidents of the Big East conference voted last night to double the exit fee for football schools from $5 million to $10 million.  

According to ESPN, a vote was held last night between the Big East presidents and they decided to double the exit fee for football schools to $10 million.  This of course coming after Big East power houses Syracuse and Pittsburgh left for the ACC.  The Big East have been going after four schools, most notably Boise State, and are trying to get them to join up with the conference.

The Big East is a huge competitor when it comes to college basketball but has fallen off the mark when it comes to football.  The loss of Pittsburgh and Syracuse are huge losses in their attempt to to grow the football brand.  They have made it clear that if the four schools they are looking into have to join for the exit fee increase to go through.  The Big East is expected to speak to the media today regarding the situation.

You can read more on this story on ESPN.