It was billed as a steal for the Yankees in some corners. At least it was advantage Yanks. The bobble head press and doting fans almost to a man liked the Michael Pineda for Jesus Montero for the Yanks. Not from this mouth though.

My doubt consisted of 3 things. Montero wields a dangerous stick. Pineda faded bad in the 2nd half of the year and Pineda never performed in a pressure situation, game,or enviroment.

However add a 3rd thing and this is the most troubling. How can Pineda, coming to New York not come in shape? That's just  wrong and really shows a lack of respect for the Yanks and more so himself and his maturity. You can't be over weight coming to a new team and that has seemingly caused or at the very least contributed to Pineda's arm issues.

Now in no way am a I declaring this trade a bust. Way too soon for that and Pineda has the ability to bounce back and be effective. Who knows Montero could be a flash for the M's. I don't think he will be.

Here is the spin coming from the Yankees and from some of their fans. That the fireballing Pineda was brought in not as a number 2-at least not yet. NONSENSE!

The Yankees didn't trade their top prospect, one  they have touted for years for a 5th starter. The design was I am sure CC Sabathia followed by Pineda then Kuroda followed by Nova and probably Hughes. Now their signing of Andy Pettitte looks smart. Full disclosure I wasn't thrilled with that signing.

Now was Pineda locked into #2-No...But they didn't give up the large price for a bottom of the rotation starter. Not like they Yanks have 4 hall of famers starting games.Pineda was diagnosed with tendinitis so taking the Yanks at their word he should return in 2 weeks or so.

However if Pineda whose velocity I harped on all spring is hurt worse or dare I say damaged goods (doubtful) the Yanks really look bad for this deal.