Hahahahaha. I have to laugh at cocky, arrogant Bill Belichick.Oh sorry Phil Simms is that against football law? Should I be thrown in jail Jim Nance? I mean you 2 wouldn't say boo about Billy nor will most of the national media cause in your mind Billy whatever he does is perfectly ok and is not to be critical of.

For review let's take you back to  Sunday. Football bully Belichick is running his usual antics, running the score up on a beaten opponent. But the unusual happened. On the final extra point, after the Pats were done drubbing the Colts then rubbing their face in it arrogant Belichick sent  Rob Gronkowski out for extra point duty. Why? What was the point? Oh it's just Billy being Bully. Meanwhile Simms and Nance sat mute as they usually do unless the coach is oh any of the other 30 in the NFL. Gronkowski wound up breaking his forearm on the play and is lost for the remainder of the regular season if not longer. Meanwhile with the sound on another competitive game ( Chargers vs Broncos) I am guessing Simms and Nance were waxing poetically over Billy the bully cause let's be honest these 2 are attached to Billy's pelvic area as they usually are.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't root for injuries-EVER. For any team. As a Jet fan no I don't have a liking for the Patriots but I do have respect. As usual with dumb fan ( many of those sadly) it's "you are jealous" or "you just hate the pats"...YAWN Patriot fan. It's your all world tight end that got hurt. I wouldn't be angry at host for suggesting Billy is a bully but angry that Billy is a bully. I mean what was the point?

I have heard dumb Patriot fan give the usual insults and the usual Billy talking points. " That's what he usually does" "he wasn't playing it any different" blah blah blah. Hello chowder a coach's job is to change things up, to adjust to circumstances. Not just do the usual cause it is the usual. No reason for "Gronk" to be in the ballgame at that point. Heck no reason for Tom Brady to be in the game but he was. Again I don't care about runnign uo the score in pro ball. The other guys get paid so stop it. This is about smart and playing your top guys in a blowout so you can continue to rub it in is NOT SMART.

Then again Billy the bully has lost his smart. His Pats haven't won a Super Bowl in 8 years going on 9 this year cause they aren't winning it again. Billy's defense is brutal, his so called "specialty". His defense, where Billy made his reputation is lousy, his drafting of defensive players is offensive. Yes he has 4 rings but none lately and none coming. yet the national media, the broadcasters of the game ( Nance and Simms) have given Billy the bully a lifetime pass. Just think if that were Rex Ryan, Mike Tomlin, either of the Harbaugh boys, or any other coach rubbing it is and then getting hit by a huge injury oh the media would be calling for heads and hammering away. But Teflon Billy gets a pass.

Don't you worry yourself Pat fan. You are living the dream. You have a fun team, they are exciting, great QB, recent success, all those nice things. I wonder what you, or fawning Phil and Nance will say if that happens to Brady. Then all of a sudden you will go down in the dumb column. I have already put you in that column for your arrogance. Pat fans success in sports is cyclical. Talk now but when Brady retires you go back to what you once were. Average if not worse. Oh how I pine for those Zeke Mowat days again!!!!