Well seems Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Back Ryan Clark is the only person besides myself to be saying this about bounty-gate 2012. Clark Took to Twitter to ask who is the rat. Quote from Clark " Whomever is snitching on the Saints D should be ashamed of themselves. No one was talking about the bounty when they got paid #shame". I agree with Clark.

The bounty probe is now being extended and it seems wherever Defensive Co-ordinator Gregg Williams has been NFL snoops will be if they haven't already. Now the Washington Redskins are being investigated as Williams was their DC from 2004 through 2007. Some Redskin players are speaking openly about the pay for tough hits plan worked up by Williams, and you can expect Tennessee and Buffalo to be investigated moving ahead. Williams was the DC with the Titans and was the head coach with the Bills.

Players are taking to twitter and newspapers to tell their stories. So far only 1, former Jets defensive lineman Kris Jenkins is taking the see no evil approach denying he ever heard of such a plot. Mean time former Bills Safety Coy Wire claims Williams instituted the hit for pay scheme when he was the head man up there, saying Willaims promoted extra dough for injuring players "their was financial compensation" was Wire's comments. All toll the NFL claims they have over 50,000-that's right over 50,000 documents pertaining to this scandal. I will say it again who is the dummy who put this on paper? Now this person is a true fool. The paper trail is damaging.

Meantime former D.Lineman Trevor Pryce who played for Denver, Baltimore, and the Jets backed up what I said on the show on Friday-These bounty programs are common in the NFL. Pryce said " It's pretty much standard operating procedure. It made our special teams performance better. I know dudes who doubled their salaries. Trust me it happens in some form in every locker room". It should be noted that Pryce never played for Williams so this confirms this took place in other locker rooms in addition to teams  Williams coached with.

Williams apologized for his running these programs and is due in New York Monday to meeet with NFL Commish Roger Goodell who is trying to put up a brave face about injuries. Goodell though is a hypocrite, as he wanted to extend the season to 18 games, a proposal that still might happen in the future.

Here is what will happen going forward in my best guesstimate. Williams will be hammered by Goodell, perhaps a 1 year suspension. The Saints who don't have a 1st round draft pick will also get the wrath of this double talking commisioner. It wouldn't shock me if Saints GM Micky Loomis gets the ax from owner Tom Benson who told Loomis after he found out about the play for hard hits plot to end it which Loomis nor coach Sean Payton ever did. Payton will get a slap on the wrist from Benson. if I were Loomis I would be worried. As I also predicted after this whole thing blows over and Goodell gives us his hypocritical "safety is our top concern" pap bounties will be back only this time I am betting without the paper trail!