I used to be a big boxing fan. For many reasons I no longer am. However fan or not or luke warm fan of the sweet science, this weekend was a black eye for  Boxing!

1st it was disclosed that former  5 time champ, the troubled Johnny Tapia has apparently commited suicide at the age of 45. This is not official but police found no signs of foul play at Tapia's home in New Mexico when they went to respond Sunday Morning. Tapia was found dead in his home in Albuquerque. Police were called to the home and found Tapia dead but nothing suspicious.

Tapia won 5 belts across 3 weight classes and was always considered a big underdog which endeared him to many fans. He also over came several fights with Drugs and Booze.Tapia's life was filled with tragedy. His mom was found stabbed to death with a screwdriver when Tapia  was only 8 years old. He was left orphaned.

While being hospitalized after a cocaine  overdose, Tapia's brother in law and nephew were killed in a car crash going to visit him. Tapia was always fighting, be it an opponent or himself.

Then  Sunday tragedy struck again when promising  welterweight  Paul Williams was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. Doctors are saying Williams will never walk again let alone box!

Williams was hurt outside Atlanta where he lives. He was wearing a helmet. Williams just signed for a big fight against junior middleweight  title holder Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in September at the MGM in Vegas and was to be held on PPV.

Williams was on his way to attend the wedding of one of his brothers. He stopped at another brothers just outside Atlanta on his way to the wedding. He never made it!

Police reports say Williams rode out of his lane to avoid a car that was moving into his lane but when he did another car was heading his way. Williams swerved to avoid that car, went up an embankment and lost control of his bike and wound up being propelled several feet in the air and landed on his back in the road. Williams is only 30 years old. he will undergo surgery on his spinal cord right away to stabilize a portion that controls several motor functions and should allow his to move his hands, torso, head and neck. Doctors have told him though that part of his spinal cord is damaged beyond repair and will leave him in a wheel chair the remainder of his life.